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SintalImpex Limited is a privately owned surgical instruments technology company dedicated to innovation andexcellence in the crafting of medical instruments SintalImpex Limited is running his second generation family successfullybusiness since 1998.
Base on our success and innovative drive gradually expanded our business from Sialkot in the world to cover a vast range of surgical & dental instruments. We are located in Luton Bedfordshire, England our highly skilled workers as a specialist toproduce reconstructive surgery Instruments, Surgical and Dental, Electrosurgical and Beautician instruments.
Now we offer innovative solutions worldwide and manufactures, Distributor and supplying of the finest quality Dental & Surgical instruments and accessories for use within the modern operating theatre environment. 
We bring together traditional manufacturing methods with the technology you would expect from a market leader in Dental & Surgical instruments supply, enabling us to provide instruments that represent real value for money. 
Today our Surgical, Dental, Orthopaedic, Electrosurgical, Manicure instruments and all sorts of Scissors are manufactured using a combination of the latest CNC controlled machines, along with the manual skills of our experienced craftsmen. 
This approach enables us to make Medical Instruments in the most accurate and efficient way possible whilst still retaining that finishing touch required for truly excellent instruments.

At SintalImpex Limited we aim to build partnerships for life and our customers have come to expect only the best in servicefrom us. You can rely on our expert advice! Our friendly and customer focused staff are always pleased to help you with any questions you might have.
 Our broad instruments range enables us to provide individual solutions for our customers often with very complex requirements.
Co-operating with carefully selected suppliers we provide the suitable item in due time and at a competitive price. We arealso able to manufacture prototype work and custom specials that are manufactured to customers requirements. 
Ourinteractive website has a customer orientated approach and places the customer in the driving seat with access to qualityInformation available at their fingertips.

Medical instruments represent a significant proportion of hospitals total assets. Hospital and health centres are often required to minimize costs of Dental & surgical instruments without impacting quality or patient health. Decision makers tend to respond viagroup purchasing contracts & multiple quotes to shop around for the lowest price.

However this approach has significantdrawbacks as numerous instrument companies have focused towards competing on price alone with a disregard towardsinstrument quality while claiming their instruments to be guaranteed and free of defects. The outcome for the buyer being, perceived notion of a quality instrument.

Our success has been based on helping customers navigate successfully through the instrument procurement process byidentifying real value for money through fair comparison. 
We believe that quality should be affordable and you should not pay too much for over priced brands and neither should you pay too much for a low quality instrument.
Lightweight First we can significantly reduce the weight of long round handled instruments by hollowing them out, If you are involved in long surgical procedures or dissection sessions, you hands will appreciate the light weight instruments.
Comfort and control Many surgeons prefer round handles over flat handled surgical instruments, because they can roll the instruments between their fingers without moving their wrists.
SintalImpex Limited fills the gap between the overpriced brands and low quality instruments and we aim to remain the most competitive in the industry while maintaining our hard earned reputation for delivering highest quality products and value for money all in one package.

Our commitment to quality is more than a stamp, its embedded in our process each and every instrument is the result ofworking knowledge of surgeons art, exact knowledge of instrument specifications and industry's leading quality assuranceprograms.
We carried some company policies to provide every better satisfaction in quality and workmanship to our prestigious clients.
We are running our own unit under some mutual qualifications that our manufactured instruments are produced under the high supervision processes of the ISO 9001/13485 QualityManagement Standard and every instrument that are being produced is CE Marked with the complete rules and regulation of international trade organizations. All our instruments carry a one year warranty.

Mission Statement
We are committed to enriching society by delivering superior investment services. We are not afraid to continually challenge conventional wisdom and actively encourage change in order to pursue growth. We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust.
We are one firm, committed to delivering the full range of our capabilities, knowledge and resources to meet the needs of our clients. Being able to learn from our experience and keep evolving our approach until goals are achieved. We respect diversity and value differences of opinion.